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Your donations make it possible for us to continue what we started. Since our establishment in 2008, Ukids has proven that we get things done. Your generous donations have built a village including housing, a community building with a kitchen, and a school for 2,000 children. Your donations have provided pure drinking water, dug a well and created cisterns to store water once it's purified. It has provided electricity to 80 homes and the community building. You have made it possible for the children to be educated, loved and cared for. 

Our work doesn't stop here. We are currently working to establish a team to do maintenance and repairs on the homes, playground, well and electricity that we originally installed eight years ago. We are also raising funds to help support the financial needs of the increasing number of students attending trade schools and secondary schools. In addition to tuition, there are expenses for living and school requirements which create a greater obligation for these children. We are excited as we see them truly develop into the future leaders of Uganda. Thank you for your generous donation. You make it all possible.



On behalf of the Ukids family and all of those blessed by Jim in Uganda, we'd like to extend our deepest condolences to the Lutz family. You are in our thoughts and prayers. His kind smile and generous heart will be greatly missed.


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